Going through life is not without life’s own challenges. There are the ups and downs, the good and the bad, the victories and the obstacles that everyone and everybody have to go through inevitably. These are part and parcel of being human, part and parcel of what life is all about. Jack Weaver’s book about Alzheimer’s disease entitled Going… Going… depicts a challenging life that the author and his wife are going through, as the author’s wife, Janey, is battling dementia. The book is an excellent memoir, an inspirational source of literature that talks about faith, hope, and love amidst the couple’s hurdles as they journey amidst the unknown future that typically comes with the experience of Alzheimer’s disease. The positive and negative experiences that a person goes through are definitely unavoidable; after all, both are needed for a person’s overall personal growth. At times the negative ones might seem like daunting feats to overcome, but the truth is, these feats are never impossible to conquer. It can be overcome, and it is very much possible for a person to live life to the fullest no matter what obstructions or stumbling blocks comes along the way. The secret? Having an overall positive well-being.  

Stress: The Ultimate Stumbling Block

Whether in the form of physical, mental, or emotional stress, stress is the ultimate stumbling block to a person’s overall well-being or capacity to live life to the fullest. It can even be the ultimate silent killer, creeping in stealthily without the person knowing its full impact until it’s too late. 

Those headaches, backaches, digestive problems, difficulty in sleeping, substance dependency? Those are signs and symptoms of stress. The manifestation of stress differs from person to person. Not to mention each individual reacts to stress differently as well. Stress can be internal, such as stress brought about by sickness or illness, or it can be environmentally caused, like peer pressure, work pressure, financial pressure, etc. 

Stress factors are also interrelated. For instance, work pressure can put a heavy toll on a person’s mental health, especially when the work requires critical thinking, problem-solving, and working under a very tight deadline. Work pressure causes mental health problems such as anxiety, burnout, and worse, even depression. If not detected or treated earlier, these mental health problems will lead to physical health complications such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), high blood pressure, skin conditions, asthma, heart problems, etc.

Role of Positive Well-being

Where does positive well-being fit into all of this? Believe it or not, having and maintaining a life of positive well-being is an effective tool against fighting and overcoming stressors. It is important to note that positive well-being is more than just “looking at the bright side.” It is definitely not about ignoring life’s unpleasantries. Positive well-being equates to overcoming the negative experiences or being mindful when something turns bad and knowing and preparing oneself how to react when that bad incident occurs. Positive well-being ensures that the person comes out healthily victorious from any stressful event, physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. So, how does one start on the road to achieving that desired well-being?

Rest and Relaxation 

A human’s body acts just like a machine, and just like any kind of machine, it needs to take a break and undergo proper care and maintenance to prevent it from breaking down. Rest and relaxation are essential to achieve an overall healthy lifestyle. For instance, some kinds of stress really cannot be avoided, such as work stress. If the pressure from work becomes too much, it is best always to take a step back, relax and take a breather. In fact, taking a break from the pressure, not talking or thinking about work for even just a couple of hours, can do wonders for both the body and the brain. Aside from easing the muscle and nerve tension that comes from the pressure at work, taking time off also helps refresh the brain, which eventually improves the person’s decision-making process later. It is amazing how impactful and powerful solutions often come after an individual makes a conscious decision to take a break and some time off! 

Proper Diet and Exercise 

Probably one of the most overused quote, especially in commercials. But if there’s one truth on how to achieve an overall healthy and positive well-being that would last a lifetime, it’s having a proper diet and regular exercise. What people put inside their bodies ultimately reflects and impacts their physical and even mental health. Proper care should be taken when considering the kind of nutritious food an individual should be taking in. All the more so if they are prone to a particular type of disease or a genetic type of disease. The same goes for exercising. Aside from the impact to the physical features exercising brings, a person’s mental health also has a lot to benefit from, even from just a simple cardio workout. Exercising helps relieves muscle tension brought about by stress. The aerobic fitness that leads to an increase in oxygen intake can make a person feel more energetic all day long and even feel more relaxed, positive, and cheerful. 

Being Surrounded by Loved Ones

What better mood enhancer than being surrounded by care and support from friends and loved ones? These people are the ultimate cheerleaders in a person’s life. On any bad day, they’re the best support to turn to for that listening and empathetic ear and shoulder to lean on. Another way to develop positive well-being is being able to express one’s feelings regularly and freely. And who better to express these thoughts and feelings to than the very persons that the individual trusted the most?       

Life will always consist of the upside and the downside. The upsides are there for the people to enjoy, and the downsides need to be overcome, grown, and learned from. Either way, everybody, and everyone should learn from these experiences, be it good or bad experiences. After all, that’s what life is all about. Life is about living to the fullest. And living to the fullest can be achieved through a time-tested and proven way – an overall positive well-being, the secret to a healthy and happier life.  

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