Hope as the Bedrock of Love

It can be that tiny smile on your face, or it can also be that warm hug you got from a loved one—hope can be everything you want it to be. But one thing is for sure; it is the best coping mechanism everyone should have. Believing that something good is coming can be a leap to live the life you have. When you hope, you are placing your faith that this potential will happen, and it can be the best feeling you can have, especially if you are in the midst of woes.

Hoping and trusting that a better future is coming means putting faith in yourself. At the end of the day, this faith will become something that helps you make good choices in life. In fact, the act of going on and living your life is a manifestation of hope. This is how it becomes the foundation of love. This is also how hope becomes one of the pillars of a good relationship with your other half.

In a marriage or union, there is no guarantee that there will be constant happiness. But why do we risk it? We risk because when we love, we hope. Jack Weaver’s marriage story is proof of it. His memoir, Going … Going … tells an inspiring story of a husband and his wife with dementia. As he and his wife Janey battle Alzheimer’s for fifteen years, the evidence of hope and the pillars of marriage is there. Reading this book will not only offer inspiration to all individuals suffering from the disease but also to every couple going through adversities. We are encouraged to overcome the obstacles by literature works such as Jack D. Weaver’s and other memoirs and journals.

Hope is indeed the bedrock of love, and both love and hope should always go together since one cannot be enough without the other. Aside from hope, love also has other pillars that you should know. Read on to find out:


Trust indicates that your love is solid enough for you to discuss anything with the other person and that you believe in yourself, your partner, and your connection. Like what the famous saying implies, to err is human. Thus, it is only normal that life would take you through times of fragility, weakness, and bewilderment. This goes to relationships as well. When there is trust, both people involved in this relationship can put their heads down on their pillows with peace. No matter what turbulence your relationship will encounter, you both are sure that you can weather it.

Care and Respect

We know when we love someone when we have an urge to see them well, happy. Often than not, we go out of our way to offer them that joy and pleasure we think they deserve. Care and respect are undeniable evidence that love exists between the two in every relationship where love is a crucial aspect. Such compassion and regard extend not only to the person but also to what they are doing. In other words, care and respect nurture the love a couple has for each other.


It is when you can rely on your partner you know that love is alive and well. The words and promises should feel genuine. Love is of little value if it has all the pleasant words but no reliability. This is because dependability outlives charm. Jack Weaver’s love for his spouse is an excellent example of dependability. As Janey battles with a hurdle, he keeps going and never stops being that dependable partner he is to his wife.


Both members of the relationship bear responsibility for the relationship and must look after it. That is why both need to make sure that to have a mutual understanding. Equality should conquer everything. Only then will it become a fair and healthy love. When we expect love, we should also expect to give love. A relationship is constantly fueled by an exchange. It’s not selfish but somewhat reciprocal benevolence. Other than that, effective communication is also vital for relationships. Conversations must be calm for them to achieve agreements.

Essentially, every pillar mentioned above could not be as powerful without a leap of hope because it is the bedrock of love. Everything should go hand in hand.

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