Many people say that they realize they want to propose in a single moment – in a snap. Like the feeling or thought just randomly comes to them, and all of a sudden, they realize that they want a shot at forever with a person. It happens anywhere – while reading a book on a couple’s journey against Alzheimer’s disease, watching a love story, or simply taking a walk with the person you love. However, most of the time, it isn’t the “realizing I want to marry them” that is difficult but planning the tedious proposal. 

Rings symbolize the love and commitment that a couple has for each other, which is why picking the perfect engagement ring can be difficult for those who want to propose. So here is a checklist for the things you should remember to do when picking the perfect ring:

1. Choose the stone.

The most obvious option is always buying a diamond when buying engagement rings. Choosing the carat size would also be a good thing to do. Some prefer a whiter stone over a larger stone while others don’t, so knowing your partner’s preferences or getting a friend’s opinion would be a good thing to do. Others who would want the conventional diamond ring would even want to add smaller stones to the right and left of the ring to give it a classier feel, similar to Monica’s three-stone style ring on friends with blue sapphires on either side of a diamond.

However, if your groom/bride-to-be prefers something more unique, a different stone may be the right way to go. For others, some want to buy a stone of your partner’s favorite color, birth month, or preferred stone. You may even want to pick a stone based on its meaning. However, picking a piece that does not stand out or clash too much with her regular clothes is the right way to go.

2. Choose the shape.

Remember not to get hooked on a trendy, famous shape for a particular time only when choosing the shape. Wedding rings should be timeless, so it is always better to stick to the basics. The emerald, princess, cushion, oval, pear, round, and marquise are basic shapes to choose from. 

If you’re not sure what shape they would prefer, try to look at the usual jewelry they wear, if possible. The type and shape of earrings that they usually wear or pendant of necklaces often indicate their preferences in shape. However, one of the bride’s trusted friends could be a better source.

3. Pick a metal for the band.

If you’re going for a traditional color, a yellow gold, silver, white gold, or platinum band is famous. However, rose gold is also a good option for a more modern look. However, it is essential to note that some metals make the ring more expensive. For example, platinum is more expensive and rare than silver.

4. Decide a budget.

Deciding your budget is often one of the most significant issues with an engagement ring. It is also one of the factors you’ll have to consider when buying a ring. Moreover, this often affects the type of stone, shape, or band that you may want to go for. Though a few stores could offer rings at a lower price, it is vital to ensure that your choice or options are within your budget before going to the store to buy a ring.

5. Get the Measurement.

Getting the measurement is difficult for many, especially if the person you are proposing to hardly ever wears rings or if you want it to be a surprise. Borrowing one of the rings they currently own may be an option for you, or asking the help of one of their friends is an excellent way to go. Letting your partner go on a “shopping” day with her friend is a great way to know their size without hinting it in.

6. Consider the Wedding Band

Sometimes, you get so caught up in the idea of picking from so many different rings that you forget to factor in the wedding ring. An engagement ring would always go in the same finger as the wedding band, so making sure they look good together is excellent.

Some engagement bands don’t allow a band to fit flush against them, so you should consider it since two different bands in one finger may be challenging and inconvenient to wear.

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