Inspirational writing is one of the best ways to encourage and influence many people. To write inspirationally means to create a literature that can touch something deep inside the hearts of many people and inspire them. There are plenty of authors out there who know exactly how to do this. Jack Weaver is an example of this kind of authors. Jack Weaver is an inspiring author who writes literature that can move emotions and touch souls. His most recent work, Going Going: The Abduction of a Mind, is a powerful memoir that talks about such things as faith, fear, and hope. In this book, Jack Weaver particularly uses his and his wife’s own story to inspire other people in overcoming whatever difficult situation they might be facing. If you want to inspire others through your writing like what Jack Weaver does, then you might want to keep on reading. This article has below some tips on how to become an inspiring author.

Write about what impassions you

Inspirational writing requires passion. In order to become an inspiring author, you must write about what impassions you. You need to choose an issue or a topic that piques your interest or fuels your excitement. This does not necessarily mean that you have to be interested or excited about such issue or topic for the rest of your life. But, while working on your book, you should be. The readers must be able to sense or feel that you love what you are writing about. This has the tendency of improving your credibility as an author and increasing the trust of the readers in you and your words. More so, loving what you are writing makes your writing process way more fun. The more passionate you are about an issue or a topic, the easier it is to write about it inspirationally.

Tell your story open-heartedly

Everyone has an inspiring story to tell. Your experience in life can serve as a good reference for writing an inspirational book. Even though you might not know it, someone somewhere is experiencing the same thing you have gone through and is therefore in need of your words. This person needs to hear your story in order to reflect upon his or her current situation. To put it simply, this person needs your inspiration. So, when writing inspirationally, tell your story open-heartedly. Do not be afraid to appear vulnerable in your story because sometimes, it is in your vulnerability that you become most inspiring. Being generous enough to share your story with others is the best way to become inspiring as an author.

Write naturally

Writing inspirationally requires you to write naturally. This means that to become an inspiring author, you need to write in your natural style. Write in a style that you are most comfortable with. Usually, when writing an inspiring book, it is best to write in a conversational tone. Write as if you are just talking to a friend. Do not try to force words and sentences just to sound more formal. Remember, one of your primary goals for inspirational writing is to connect with your readers on an emotional level. So, instead of trying to sound formal in your writing, write in a way that can make you more relatable and understood. The clearer and more relatable your writing is, the better chances you have of connecting with your readers.

Be genuine and truthful

Genuineness or truthfulness is an essential characteristic of an inspiring author. If you want to inspire other people through your words, you need to be always genuine and truthful when it comes to what you write. Do not pretend to be someone else in your writing. Do not change or twist your real-life stories just to make them sound more interesting or inspiring. Be a genuine and truthful author as much as possible. The more honest you are, the easier it is to gain the trust of your readers and inspire them.

Overall, writing inspirationally does not require so much literary skills or expertise from you. The successes of inspiring authors like Jack Weaver are a proof that sometimes, it only takes an impassioned, natural, and truthful storytelling to inspire others. In order to write an inspirational masterpiece like Going Going: The Abduction of a Mind, you only need to take your heart with you while you are writing. Put your whole heart and mind to what you are writing, and you will surely create a literature that can inspire millions!

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