Time flies extremely fast. Special events are often anticipated, and usually, you don’t get enough sleep until these moments arrive. After which, it’s on to looking forward to other milestones. Initially, one would enjoy being carefree as a child, and with just one swoosh – they instantly grow to become adults. Whatever happened to the moments in-between? Indeed, a lot of those were also worth cherishing.

With novels like  Going… Going…: The Abduction of a Mind and The Notebook, capturing special events and milestones are worth investing one’s time on. The main goal of collecting keepsakes is to look back at them upon reaching twilight years fondly. It’s impossible to revisit events physically once you move forward in time, so you might as well design different ways to keep them alive. Whatever medium or method won’t matter, so long as it gives you that fuzzy feeling while reminiscing them.

What are the different ways to store keepsakes?

  • Start journaling.

While it can also be therapeutic, this is when you can write your innermost feelings – your raw moments. There is no better way to see or know yourself than reading about your insights and witnessing your emotions each day. Journals are now more sophisticated than how they used to be, and it’s not just about starting a page with “Dear Diary.” You can check Printables and Inspirations for ideas.

  • Try blogging.

Blogging is like an online diary. You can blog about your vacation trips or your foodie adventures. These are still a part of you, so it helps you create a storehouse of recollections. The digital arena has come a long way from how it all started. I hope the word “Myspace” rings a bell. Right now, it’s so easy to create blog sites compared to before.

  • Use any social media platform to share moments.

It is one of the easiest ways to remember occasions and milestones since we always have our smartphones handy. You can take pictures or videos, upload them, write a description, and then voila – a saved event. There is an option not to show it to friends or keep it private if you don’t want other people to see it. 

  • Make a photo album.

The old-school way is still the most reliable, and you can have your photos printed easily nowadays. If you think that keeping hard copies will add to your current clutter, you can save them in CDs for easy storage. It may be more tedious, but you can use your creativity to make the pages look pretty. Or, you can opt for a digital photo album to better preserve the pictures.

  • Make a scrapbook.

Memories are not limited to pictures. Often, simple items like plane tickets of your 1st trip to a place, concert tickets, or even candy wrappers from a memorable kiddie party are considered mementos. Compared to photo albums, scrapbooks allow creativity. If you want to create beautiful pages as you reminisce those moments, there are several resources.

  • Collect simple items.

You can choose to collect fridge magnets, coasters, or key chains to remind you of the various locations you’ve visited. It can also serve as a nice decoration to your fridge or wall. Moreover, placing a tangible footprint on your travel escapades is an excellent way to decorate a portion of your home. If you’re not up to the idea of placing anything on your appliances, you can use a corkboard instead.

  • Use hard drives.

If it’s just about saving mementos minus the artistic touch, storing videos and pictures in USB or flash drives lessens the risk of private files being at public hands’ disposal. This is convenient since you can access them even without an internet connection compared to uploading files to the cloud. You can also do unlimited printing of pictures while keeping soft copies.

  • Make a time capsule.

Here you can gather a variety of keepsakes, whether it’s articles, news clippings, photos, ornaments, and souvenirs. You can place them in a shoebox or a jar with the label “Don’t open until ___.” It’s a fun activity, and you can even invite the kids to contribute. To add a personal touch, you can include a letter to give to a particular person.

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