Guide to Staying Hopeful Despite Adversity

During catastrophic times, hope can be hard to find. In fact, as we are approaching the end of 2021, many are exhausted because of the ongoing pandemic—with new variants emerging. Although science and medicine have made it possible to give a clear path to the situation, the feeling of uncertainty remains. For others, it has been almost two years filled with this stressor. However, for some, it is just an added worry. Many of us carry personal burdens that make it even harder in times like these. That is why it is essential to spread the essence of hope.

Hope is more than just having wishful thinking. Instead, it is mainly seen as something that people can have to reach their goals. Positive Psychology even describes hope as a pleasant mental state characterized by a sense of effective goal-direction decision and goal-attainment planning. Hope is not just about how things are currently going but about maintaining a positive attitude and mindset. It’s much more about developing purposeful thinking and having foreseeable motivation through believing that you can attain your goals. It is believed to lead to improved performance, success, and overall satisfaction. Thus, having hope is crucial to hold onto.

You may feel like it is impossible to discover hope due to what you are going through at this moment. But if you look at some of the most inspiring people, you can definitely find it. Through a memoir, Jack D. Weaver tells a beautiful story of hope. Going… Going… is a chronicle of a couple’s fifteen-year journey through Alzheimer’s disease. It will bring tears to your eyes, but it will also bring you valleys of joy and happiness. This book is perfect for people dealing with dementia as it will serve as a complete guide of it all.

In this blog, you will know some of the ways to remain hopeful n times of adversities.

Search for Sense of Purpose

Taking the time to reflect on what gives our lives meaning and purpose may provide us with hope. It usually takes some time to discover our sense of meaning, but once we realize what drives and inspires us, we can go ahead in our life with that emphasis. Even though we face setbacks, such as a worldwide epidemic, our feeling of purpose will remain strong, and we can remain positive by discovering new ways to achieve our objectives. At the end of the day, your sense of purpose motivates you to attain your objectives. It is what holds you on track in all facets of your life.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

Plenty of us knows of at least one individual who can always look on the bright side of things—making a video or phone call to that someone might be just what you need to provide some much-needed encouragement. When we surround ourselves with people with good energy, we will feel so much better. Many would attest that eliminating some people who cannot bring positivity is one of the best things that one can experience. Toxic people will not help you grow. Hence, you need to identify those who bring you down. Think of it as a way to declutter your life. You will feel so much brighter and lighter.

Focus on Those You Can Still Work On

Sometimes, we can dwell so much in our past that we forget other things. When this happens, it is easy to feel stuck. You will no longer feel the motivation to do other things because the past prevents you from doing so. It will help to actively consider what you can look forward to beyond your current position. What does a promising future appear like for you once you’ve made your breakthrough? Think about your future visions because they can inspire you to work harder than ever, reminding you that chapters of your life will still come.

Hope fortifies our determination and guides us through seemingly dire situations, accompanying us even in their darkest hour. Despite the unpredictability of human existence, hope provides individuals a cause to keep fighting and hoping that their current conditions will improve. Even in the most difficult of situations, it provides for a grounded and cheerful view.


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